How to Save Money with LED Lighting Upgrades

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How to Save Money with LED Lighting UpgradesOlder homes offer historical features and character, but they also often house outdated fixtures that might be costing you extra money every day. One of the first and simplest ways to start going green is by upgrading your lighting. Traditional lightbulbs are inefficient and use a lot of energy. The means you end up spending more in electricity while having to replace them more often. LED bulbs are a great option for any homeowner who would like to save money and save energy. Here are the cost-saving benefits to LED lighting upgrades:

  • LED lighting upgrades are possible on older homes. It may seem like you have to completely overhaul your lighting system to gain modern technology, but you can either retrofit fixtures to accommodate LED bulbs or retrofit fixtures. This means you can still enjoy the original character of your home while also enjoying more efficient LED lighting. You do not need to undergo extensive and expensive renovations to make your home more energy efficient.
  • LED lights are durable. Standard, traditional lightbulbs do not have a long lifespan, so they need to be replaced fairly often. LED bulbs last for years, so you will buy fewer lightbulbs over time – changing the lightbulb will become a task done once per decade rather than monthly.
  • LED lights save energy. The biggest benefit to LED lighting upgrades is that you will save money every day with their higher efficiency and the lower energy that LED bulbs use. Assuming you leave the lights on 24/7, it is estimated that a bulb would pay for itself in 3 years in energy savings (and continue to last well beyond that time frame).

If you have been considering LED lighting upgrades but have assumed it would not be possible due to your current electrical hookups, we can help. Give us a call today to start enjoying the advantages of LED bulbs.