5 Reasons to Get LED Lighting Upgrades

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One of our services offered here at The Neighborhood Electrician is LED lighting upgrades for your home. Why might you consider LED lighting upgrades? Here are a few ways LED lighting upgrades could benefit you:

Efficiency. On average, LED lighting uses 50% less electricity than standard lighting in homes. This is one of the most attractive features of getting LED lighting upgrades. Cutting back on your energy usage in this way is really the root to many of the other benefits that LED lighting upgrades have to offer.

5 Reasons to Get LED Lighting Upgrades

Save Money. Regardless of why you are considering LED lighting upgrades, one of the major benefits you have likely heard about is the long-term savings that it could mean to you as a homeowner. Simply put, decreased energy usage could mean decreased utility bills, which makes LED lighting upgrades all the more attractive.

Light Bulb Lifespan. LED lighting is known for being more durable than your standard lighting. LED light bulbs are estimated to have up to ten times the lifespan of a standard lightbulb. Longer-lasting bulbs also mean decreased cost and less time needed for maintenance (i.e. changing your lightbulbs.)

Flexibility. Another benefit of LED lighting is the flexibility in design and style that it offers. With LED lighting, you are able to customize the beam so that the light beam is a focused “spotlight” or one that covers a larger area of a room. This allows you to achieve a well-lit balance of light catered to each room so you avoid any dim areas. LED lighting also has more color choices, allowing you to achieve the right brightness and warmth desired in a space.

Brighter Bulbs. LED lighting is also known for having brighter bulbs compared to the conventional lightbulb. Brighter bulbs mean fewer fixtures without sacrificing the amount of light that you might desire.

Still have questions or need LED lighting upgrades? Contact our competent and skilled team here at The Neighborhood Electrician today. We will give you a professional opinion on upgrades and upfront pricing to help you make the best decision for your home.