5 Signs That You Need a Home Electrical Repair

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The majority of your home’s electrical wiring is inside your walls and ceilings. It may be hard to tell when a home electrical repair is needed because it may be out of sight. But for safety reasons and to prevent larger issues, it is important to call a professional right away if you do have problems or suspect there is an issue. Here are five signs that you need a home electrical repair:

1.   Unusual Smells or Sounds. If you hear any unusual noises or smell a burning or melting scent, give us a call right away. You may have an overheated system or faulty electrical components.

5 Signs That You Need a Home Electrical Repair

2.   Flickering Lights. Do your lights dim when an appliance is turned on? Do they flicker even after replacing the lightbulbs? Give us a call, and we can repair the wiring and lights so that they remain constantly bright.

3.   Warm Outlets. This may be a sign of an unsafe wiring condition or that your components are worn and need to be replaced. Call an electrician right away, and turn off the circuit breaker to prevent a melted cover or even a house fire.

4.   Tripping Circuit Breakers. If your circuit breaker is tripping, you may have an overloaded system. We can help you find issues in your circuit breakers or upgrade your power box to meet the power requirements in your home.

5.   Shocking Switches. While static electricity is the culprit for a surprising shock when walking across carpet, it is not the reason for a shocking sensation when touching a light switch. An electrician can help prevent this problem from occurring again.

If you notice any of these signs, give us a call right away. At The Neighborhood Electrician, our experienced experts can accurately diagnose your problem and quickly provide an effective solution. We have been helping homeowners with our quality electrical services for several years. We provide home electrical repairs, installations, and inspections. Contact us today for more information.