Why Your Electrician Might Recommend Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Electrical panel upgrades may be an unfamiliar topic for the average homeowner. Electrical panels are the heart of energy for your home, so knowing why you might need one is of great importance. Electrical panel upgrades can help make your home safer and more efficient, so here are a few factors your electrician wants you to consider.

Electrical panel upgrades can help make your home safer

  • Old homes. The older the home, the greater the chance that you will need some electrical panel work. In particular, older homes that have fuse box systems should be looked at by a professional. While they are not inherently dangerous, fuse boxes require more maintenance. If this maintenance was not done properly or not done all together, it could mean hidden problems for your home electrical system.
  • Circuit breakers. Constantly needing to flip circuit breakers back on is not a promising sign. The problem could certainly originate in your electrical panel, so it’s best to have this looked at by a licensed electrician.
  • Electrical box signs. Is your electrical panel box unusually warm or hot? Have you noticed corrosion, rust, or other signs of wear? Does your electrical panel make any strange crackling noises? These are all concerning signs and reasons why your electrician should get involved.
  • Additions or increased energy consumption. Maybe you are planning on putting an addition on your home or finally putting that jacuzzi on your deck. Whatever the exciting new feature to your home, you should always hire an electrician to come and inspect your electrical panel. They will be able to assess and recommend any changes that would be needed to support the increase in energy needed.

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