Surge Protection Installation


Surge Protection Installation

Electrical surges are spikes in the electrical voltage coming into your home. These spikes are most often caused by your power provider, electrical problems inside your home, or lightning strikes. Surge protectors work by regulating the flow of electricity throughout your house. When the voltage goes up, the surge protector drains all of the excess voltage into the ground and away from sensitive equipment and electronics in your home.

If you own a TV, computer, dishwasher, irrigation clock, intercom, doorbell, well pump, A/C unit, or similar appliance, you should invest in a whole house surge protector. Even a small surge coming from your local power company can damage and reduce the life of equipment. Whole house surge protection is inexpensive and protects the most costly items in your home.

Whole house surge protectors are installed in your electrical panel so they are out of your way. They protect each outlet in your home with one device. If you have a laptop computer, a whole house surge protector lets you plug it in anywhere in the home without fear of damaging electrical surges . . . now that is peace of mind!

Get Protected Today & Enjoy Watching TV Next Time it Storms…