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The electrical panel, circuits, outlets, and switches are just a few of the many components that make up your home’s electrical system, and it’s crucial that they all stay in good condition for the safety of your home and its occupants. Home wiring is another component of your electrical system that needs to stay in good condition, as it supplies lights and equipment with power. If your home wiring needs repairs or upgrades, make sure you hire licensed electricians to handle the job. Our team at The Neighborhood Electrician is up for it, and we’ll make sure your Candler, North Carolina home has safe, reliable power once again.

Home Wiring in Candler, North Carolina

There are many signs that your wiring is not in the best shape. If your lights flicker, you may have low-quality home wiring or faulty connections. Burning smells can often be attributed to burning wires that have ignited behind a switch after it’s turned on. Hot switch plates and outlets are another sign to look out for. They should never be hot to the touch, and if they aren’t being used but are still hot, that is even more reason to call a professional to come check out your home wiring.

Home wiring won’t last forever, so even if you haven’t noticed any concerning issues, you may want to consider replacing your home wiring if your house is more than 50 years old. Old wiring with old insulation can leave the wires exposed and increase the risk of fire.

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