5 Reasons to Consider Surge Protection Installation

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Power surges have always been around, so why should you consider surge protection installation on your home? There are many reasons for surge protection installation that, when done properly, can provide many benefits to your home.

you consider surge protection installation

  • Savings. Surge protection installation could save you money in the event that a power surge causes damage to an appliance. While it depends on your policy, there’s a good chance that damage of this nature is not covered under you homeowners insurance. Even if you can get this coverage, it would likely cost you more in your premium each month. Having surge protection installation can avoid the problem altogether and save you money in the long run.
  • More devices mean more needed protection. The number of electronic devices that most people use has increased dramatically over the last decade. Whatever the devices or appliances, they are not immune or 100% safe from surges. Surges have the potential to severely damage any of these to the point that there is no way to fix the device, resulting in the need to replace it entirely. This is particularly problematic if the device affected by a surge is a smart phone, tablet, or laptop and you lose important data.
  • Protection for the whole house. Surges are not new, but they are unpredictable. Surge protection installation is a straightforward way to guarantee protection for your whole home.
  • Safety. In the absence of proper protection, a voltage spike from a surge could potentially trigger a fire. Surge protection installation would lay the work needed to prevent this from occurring.
  • Cumulation of small surges. Often, there is a misconception that surges only occur because of things outside the home (i.e. lightning strikes). The truth is that the majority of surges originate in the home. Every day, there are small, un-noticed surges from the cycling on and off of major appliances or home heating and cooling systems. These small, brief surges slowly weaken TVs, microwaves, etc., decreasing their lifespan. Surge protection installation can help protect against these and preserve the life of your electronics.

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