5 Ways to Keep Your Electric Bill Down During the Holiday’s

5 ways to keep electric bill cost down


Everybody wants to save on electricity. However this is sometimes easier said than done, especially during the holidays. The good news is that you can still keep your total electric bill cost in check, by using the tips suggested below, as you prepare for the coming season.


1. Make the Switch to LEDs


If you haven’t yet fully switched over to LED lights, you’ll definitely save on electricity by doing so. An easy way to start, is to replace older incandescent light sets with newer LED sets. Some of the many benefits associated with using LEDs to decorate include:


• Increased safety because of a lower wattage
• Having access to a wide range of colors and light arrangements
• The ability to light multiple LED strands, for what it would cost to light single incandescent bulbs


2. Use Timers


Another smart way to reduce electric bill cost during the holidays, is to use timers. In fact, you may actually have holiday decorations with built-in timer features that you don’t use. Setting a timer allows you to put your lights on, only during specific hours.

You’d be surprised how quickly the savings from doing this, can add up! There are even “smart” outdoor plugs, you can use to control your plugged in decorations remotely, from your phone, laptop or tablet.


3. Upgrade Older Outdoor Lighting


Many homeowners make use of their regular outdoor lighting during the holidays even more so, then other times of the year. This is usually done to make sure outdoor spaces are well-lit, for guests.

But if you are relying on the same old exterior lighting you’ve used for years, it may no longer be all that efficient. An electrician can help you make cost-effective upgrades, you can enjoy year-round!


4. Get Everyone on the Same Page with Energy Efficiency


During the holidays, it’s common to have family members and other guests visit your home. All these extra visitors can mean extra electricity use, and habits that result in wasted energy. You don’t have to discourage holiday visits, just to save on electricity during the holidays. What you can do however, is encourage your guests to:


• Turn off lights when leaving a room
• Minimize door opening and closing as much as possible
• Avoid using unnecessary appliances


5. Be Efficient in the Kitchen


There’s a lot of cooking that’s associated with most holidays, which also means plenty of time spent using kitchen appliances like stovetops, ovens, and microwaves. If you’re not cautious, you could be seriously upping your electric bill, with all that extra cooking and baking. Make your kitchen activities more efficient during the holidays by:


• Placing items that cook at the same temperature, in the oven together
• Minimizing refrigerator opening
• Using Energy Star appliances to further optimize your savings


An electrician from our friendly staff can give you some more advice, if you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, not just during the holidays but throughout the year.


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