1. What is Your Warranty on Workmanship? Is it really for life?
    Yes, we are confident that our work will last a lifetime. Most modern electrical work will, if installed correctly. If we do not install it correctly, we want to fix it for free. See the particulars here.
  2. What is Your Warranty on Parts? Is it Lifetime also?
    Yes, we warranty every part we supply for life. If it goes bad in the first year, we will supply the part and replace it for free. If it goes bad anytime after a year we will give you a new part free of charge, but you have to pay for the installation. Some parts, like light bulbs, are not covered by the lifetime parts warranty. See the particulars here.
  3. How Can You Offer a Lifetime Warranty When Other Companies Only Offer a Year?
    We make it a point to do good work with good durable parts, the kind of work that will last. This means we have few callbacks, but when we do have callbacks, we are happy to fix the problem because we care about our name and product. Plus, we want you to be our customer for life. So, we plan on upholding our agreement to provide great service for life. As for the competition, we don’t know why they only warranty their work for a year.
  4. Why Don’t You Warranty Light Bulbs?
    We don’t warranty light bulbs because they are replaceable parts not designed to last. We cannot guarantee how long any bulb will last.
  5. How Do I Make a Warranty Claim?
    Call us at (828)650-9944 with your name, address, and warranty claim. We will send an electrician to fix it right away. Don’t live with any inconvenience. Call us, we want to help!