Asheville & Hendersonville Electrical Services

Electrical Panel Inspection in Asheville

The Neighborhood Electrician is pleased to offer complete Asheville and Hendersonville electrical services for your home or small business. Whether you need an outlet added or new recessed lighting, we are able to provide exceptional service. Our technicians will treat your home with respect while completing the work. This is a sample of electrical work that we have completed for some of your neighbors.

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Electrical Repair & Installation Services:


Recessed Light Installation

Lighting is essential to a beautiful home.  At The Neighborhood Electrician, we specialize in interior lighting.  Our Asheville electricians love installing recessed lights because the results of new lighting are immediate and our customers respond so positively. When it comes to recessed lighting, our company is the best.  We offer a full range of lighting types, lighting design, and professional installation. All you have to do is choose the style. Our Hendersonville electricians will provide the lights, take care of the installation, and leave your home just as clean as before we arrived.

The Neighborhood Electricians have the experience and special equipment to run the wires through your walls and ceilings with no messy drywall patching in most cases. Don’t let an unskilled electrician cut multiple holes in your ceiling or walls. 90% of the time, our Asheville electricians can install recessed lighting with ZERO drywall damage.  Even with difficult installations, the damage is minimal, and we ask before cutting holes!  Our electricians carry specialized drills bits and “fishing tools” to make sure the job is done properly.

We offer both 4” and 6” recessed lights that can be in most ceilings. Let us update your lighting today.

Home Electrical Inspection

The electrical in your home is very important. It encompasses the whole house; therefore, it is important that it is safe and up to date. We offer a free home electrical inspection to help ensure your safety. This thorough inspection will cover all the electrical aspects of your home. It will include the electrical panel, the grounding and bonding system, and your electrical devices. The Hendersonville electricians at The Neighborhood Electrician offer this inspection free of charge. Once we complete this free inspection, we will give you a report of what we find so that you can make an informed decision about your repairs.

Install Motion Flood Lights

Proper flood lighting enhances your daily quality of life and the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. It is also a courtesy to and safety feature for your guests that helps protect you from someone getting needlessly hurt on your property.  Good lighting discourages criminals. Why “invite” any “uninvited guests” when you could dissuade them with proper outdoor lighting? Our Asheville electricians and Hendersonville electricians often install security lighting after a senseless act of vandalism or a frightening home invasion. If you have bad lighting, don’t delay on getting new lights.

Our Asheville electricians recommend installing them at pathways, gates, and parking areas. Motion lights in these areas will provide light right where you need it and prevent you or your guest from being injured. For security purposes, we recommend placing lights near rear doors and in your back yard, side yard, and areas around your home that are not regularly watched or easily observable.

Install Electrical Outlets

Do you have enough outlets in your home? Many older homes only have one or two outlets per room, which is not nearly enough to accommodate today’s high-tech homeowner. Our Hendersonville electricians can install an electrical outlet anywhere in your home; right where you need it the most. Additionally, our Hendersonville electricians and Asheville electricians can install additional outlets for flat screen TV’s, holiday lights, ironing boards, table lamps, and floor lamps, etc.

A two-prong outlet signifies that there is no ground wire and prevents a homeowner from plugging in appliances or electronics that require grounding. In some cases, uninformed persons will replace a two prong outlet with a three-prong outlet without adding a new ground wire. This creates a major hazard and is potentially dangerous to anyone using that outlet. This is why replacing a two-prong outlet with a three prong outlet without running a new wire is illegal in North Carolina.

Tamper Resistant outlets are designed to prevent injury or death to children by preventing the insertion of any device (pen, paper clip, etc.) into the outlet other than an electrical plug. The new outlet now has a special cover and looks like a regular outlet. Our electrical company only installs tamper resistant outlets. At the Neighborhood Electrician, our Hendersonville electricians will never install an inferior outlet in your home. Check your outlets for the “TR” label to make sure your home is as safe as it can be.

Electrical Panel Installation and Upgrades

The electrical panel is the heart of any electrical system. It distributes power coming into your home through circuits. Each circuit is protected by a breaker. Breakers trip when a circuit draws too much power. It is important that the breaker be the right size for the circuit it protects. Hot, buzzing, or constantly tripping breakers are signs of trouble in your panel. It is important to maintain and check your electrical panel regularly to prevent major damage.

Is your panel overloaded? The modern home is full of high-tech and high-power electronics and appliances that the original home builder may not have anticipated. Subsequently, many older homes with original panels are overloaded and present a major fire risk. Overloaded panels generate heat before they short or burn which helps us catch problems before they become dangerous and costly.

Are Federal Pacific or Zinsco panels safe? No, Federal Pacific panels were installed by the thousands in the 1970’s and 80’s. Unfortunately, the Federal Pacific design (copied by Zinsco) was faulty and overloaded circuit breakers fail or melt instead of “tripping”. This led to many house fires, a class action lawsuit, and then bankruptcy for the company. Many of these dangerous and obsolete panels are still in use throughout Asheville.

For more information on the dangers of these obsolete panels click on one of the following links: Federal Pacific or Zinsco

The Neighborhood Electrician’s Hendersonville electrical or Asheville electrical services can upgrade your electrical meter and panel and bring more electrical power into your home. Our Hendersonville electricians and Asheville electricians can also install an outside disconnect to protect your home from fire and a new grounding system to protect your family from electrical shock. Our complete electrical service upgrade includes a new panel, new meter, new grounding system, new breakers, and new service entry wire. A complete service upgrade is the ultimate fix to dimming or flickering lights.

Electrical Problems and troubleshooting

The Neighborhood Electrician’s Asheville electricians are trained and experienced electrical problem solvers. We have successfully tracked and solved thousands of electrical problems, and we can solve yours too. Whether you’ve lost power to part of your home, have lights that flicker, or switches that are humming, we can fix it. More importantly, we will fix it right.

If you have lost power in part of your house this means you have a damaged or broken circuit hidden somewhere in your home. Finding and repairing this type of problem can be difficult.  But don’t worry, because our Hendersonville electricians are experts at troubleshooting.

We charge $149 for residential power problem calls. This includes the service call, the solution-guaranteed troubleshooting, and any minor adjustments the system might need. After finding the problem, we will give you the exact cost to fix it and options so you can make an informed decision about your home. Whatever you decide, we will be ready to do the work right away.

We offer flat-rate pricing for troubleshooting. That means you don’t have to watch the clock while we work, and you’ll never pay for someone’s training. Our Hendersonville electricians and Asheville electricians will charge the same flat-rate price even if the problem turns out to be harder to solve than originally anticipated.

Surge Protection Installation

Electrical surges are spikes in the electrical voltage coming into your home. These spikes are most often caused by your power provider, electrical problems inside your home, or lightning strikes. Surge protectors work by regulating the flow of electricity throughout your house. When the voltage goes up, the surge protector drains all of the excess voltage into the ground and away from sensitive equipment and electronics in your home.

If you own a TV, computer, dishwasher, irrigation clock, intercom, doorbell, well pump, A/C unit, or similar appliance, you should invest in a whole house surge protector. Even a small surge coming from your local power company can damage and reduce the life of equipment. Whole house surge protection is inexpensive and protects the most costly items in your home.

Whole house surge protectors are installed in your electrical panel so they are out of your way. They protect each outlet in your home with one device. If you have a laptop computer, a whole house surge protector lets you plug it in anywhere in the home without fear of damaging electrical surges . . . now that is peace of mind!

Get Protected Today & Enjoy Watching TV Next Time it Storms……..

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans offer a great alternative to expensive energy bills and look great in bedrooms and living rooms. In the summer they provide a cool breeze, and in winter they help utilize warm air trapped in the ceiling by moving it downward.

When installing a ceiling fan it is important to make sure you have the proper support box in place and install the fan according to its specifications. Ceiling fans are major appliances hanging over your head so you don’t want to take any chances on the installation. The Neighborhood Electricians have installed hundreds of ceiling fans and know how to do it right.. Our Asheville electricians and Hendersonville electricians always inspect the existing box before installing a ceiling fan and we never cut corners by installing a plastic or Non UL listed box.

Our Asheville electricians can install a ceiling fan anywhere in your house even if there is no fan or light in your existing ceiling. We will install a new box, fish in a new line, and install the fan. If you already have a fan that operates on a pull chain, we can install new independent switches for the fan and light.